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You can find a hotel of our chain in the most important cities of the country. We are located in Cancun, Chihuahua, Mérida, Mexicali, Saltillo, Tijuana, Celaya, Monterrey, Ciudad Juárez, Coatzacoalcos, Ciudad del Carmen and Querétaro.

Other places where you will also find our hotels are Ciudad del Carmen, Chihuahua, Coatzacoalcos, Mérida, Mexicali, Querétaro, Saltillo, and Tijuana. Our hotels are located in the most important cities of the country. You will be able to fulfill your business commitments by staying with us.

Will you travel to a paradisiacal beach? Do you need to be hosted near an airport? Do you need to be near an important commercial or business area? We have thought of all of these details to place our hotels near the points of your interest.


Join our club and enjoy exclusive benefits

If you stay at our hotel for more than a month, you are entitled to a 50% discount on the rate of the room of your choice.



In Mexico

Mexico has a vast number of tourist sites. However, to improve the experience, it is advisable that you stay in a hotel that offers you quality. This is more important when your stay lasts several days, weeks or months. Luckily, today you can count on Extended Suites Hotels.

We offer a new version of the hotel industry. Now we make available to our guests the necessary facilities in case they have to stay for a long time.
We have hotels in the main cities of the country. We want that, when you visit these cities, you always have comfortable and pleasant accommodation available.

Evoking the warm atmosphere of home, our rooms have captivated thousands of tourists across the country. We offer affordable rates for those traveling for long periods.

In each room you can find furniture and resources to meet your needs. You will have a microwave oven, refrigerator and a two burner kitchenette, apart from that we will provide you with a desk to work with your computer. Your visit to our hotel will remind you of the comforts of home.
If you need to exercise your body, we put at your disposal a gym equipped with all of the necessary equipment to carry out your favorite exercise routines.

We offer our guests laundry service. In addition, we have a swimming pool where you can get fresh air and have fun. If you need to buy some sweets, you can do it in the convenience store that we have available for you at any time of the day.

We respect all safety and hygiene regulations to protect your health. Our facilities also provide a pleasant experience for people with mobility problems. We have dedicated parking for people with disabilities, ramps on the premises and an elevator. We want everyone to be satisfied with our services.

We hope that you will stay with us on your next business or vacation trip. We will be delighted to welcome you and serve you as you deserve. Ask for your reservation the days you want and we will provide you with the facilities to make you feel comfortable.

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