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Hotel in Tijuana

The Extended Suites Tijuana Macroplaza hotel provides amenities that make both short and long stays enjoyable. The rooms are equipped with chosen furniture so that you stay comfortably for several days, weeks or months. The atmosphere is cozy and we are located in an area where you have access to the Macroplaza, one of the most important shopping centers in the city.

Hotel Extended Suites Tijuana Macroplaza

Come delight yourself with a magical stay at the best hotel in Tijuana. Hotel Extended Suites Macroplaza invites you to enjoy a room that will make your adventure in the city more pleasant. You will be very close to the Macroplaza, one of the most important shopping centers in Tijuana.

Tijuana is a city where recreational and business activities are endless. In order for you to get the most out of your stay in Tijuana, let us serve you as you deserve at the Extended Suites Macroplaza Hotel. If you book your room online, you will get great benefits in your rate.

Will you visit Tijuana for business or academic reasons? Do you have to stay in the city for several days to attend a medical appointment? In these cases, if you have to extend your stay, you can stay at our hotel with the comforts you deserve.

We have all the services you need to enjoy your visit to Tijuana. In our Internet portal we have placed all the information you require to make your reservation and also the advantages of staying with us.



All suites are equipped with the necessary services for a stay of any length. From a few days to several months. The dimensions are adequate for you to feel comfortable. You decide the time and we will take care of you with our services and professionalism.

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Before booking, review the offers we extend. You will acquire better prices based on the days of lodging you choose or the date you travel. Remember that it is a new concept for you to save as much as possible on your days away from home.

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Address: Av. Paseo del Río #6662, Col. Tijuana 3a Etapa
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